Halloween storytelling events at Orem City Library


The Orem City Public Library will host two free storytelling events to set the mood for Halloween.

Alex Caldiero, sonosopher-in-residence at UVU, will present a special recital of some of Edgar Allan Poe’s greatest works.  The event will be held in the library’s storytelling wing tonight, Oct. 29, at 7 p.m.

“The last few years [Alex has] offered to do Poe readings around Halloween and people look forward to it,” Nathan Robertson, associate librarian at the Orem City Public Library, said.  “He’s an excellent performance artist himself so his reading of Poe is…a very dynamic performance and reading.”

UVU humanities professor Danny Stewart will give a presentation on Haunted Books in the library’s storytelling wing Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.  The books mentioned in the presentation will teach about magical incantations, describe horrible demons, and tell of monsters lurking in the shadows.

“Danny [is] a folklorist and one of the things he’s interested in are stories about mythical or legendary animals,” Robertson said. “He’s interested in the idea that some of these animals may be real and are just not described by science. Danny pitched this idea to us after a successful summer series and we thought it would be great for the Halloween season.”

BYU students are excited by a Halloween activity that will allow them to be scared on a budget.

“I love scary things but I’m tired of spending money on haunted houses and mazes,”  Brittany Critchfield, a communication disorders major from Portland, Ore., said.  “This will be something fun to do with my friends that won’t break the bank.”

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