The top books of 2024, according to BookTok, Goodreads

In a digital age dominated by fleeting trends, young adults are rediscovering the joy of a good book thanks to BookTok.

Brandon Sanderson offers class to aspiring sci-fi, fantasy authors at BYU

Each year, a group of BYU students crowd around their computers in anticipation, waiting to apply to the English 318R workshop class — a highly sought course taught once a year by the notable high fantasy and science fiction author Brandon Sanderson.

Provo celebrates 400 years of Shakespeare

2023 comes with a unique anniversary for Shakespeare and his legacy. This past weekend a local bookstore celebrated the 400 year anniversary of the first group of his plays being published. Visitors were able to flip through a 400-year-old copy of one of Shakespeare’s first folio.

Author McKay Coppins promotes ‘Romney: A Reckoning’ at BYU

Award-winning journalist, author and BYU alumnus McKay Coppins spoke at BYU to promote his new book, “Romney: A Reckoning," on Friday, Nov. 3.

Spotify announces free hours of audiobook listening, students compare streaming services

Spotify announced Spotify Premium users will soon have access to 150,000 audiobooks and 15 hours of free listening per month, “giving them the ability to enjoy as many titles as they want within that monthly allocation,” according to Spotify Newsroom.

North Korean defectors now living in Utah release new book about their escape

His lie, told to protect his wife from political retribution, is the basis of new novel "A Necessary Lie," the love story of Doohyun Kim and Jiyeon Maeng as they escaped North Korea.
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