Local, independent bookstores thrive despite predictions of demise

Small, local bookstores have been said to be in danger of dying over the last decade. Articles in major media and research journals have warned that e-books are taking over the literary world and bringing an end to the reading of hard-copy books. But some think hard-copy books aren't going away any time soon.

BYU professor debuts YA fiction novel on mental health

BYU professor and newly-published author Spencer Hyde has loved reading since a very young age. But it wasn't until he became a graduate student that he decided he wanted to write and publish a novel. Every day after class, he said he would spend two hours "in very uncomfortable chairs" writing his debut novel, "Waiting for Fitz."

Single mom and author returns to BYU, completes undergrad

Jo Schaffer is a writer, speaker, marketing specialist, social media manager and publicist who is also finishing up her final semester studying public relations at BYU.

Alum pens NY Times best-seller

New York Times best-selling author and BYU alumna Kiersten White recently published the novel "The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein."

Provo bookstore connects patrons to history through rare book finds

Unique bookstores, like Moon’s Rare Books at the Shops at Riverwoods, provide the public with the opportunity to connect with history through texts, documents and art.

Provo Library opens creative lab, escape rooms

Provo Library continues to offer a wide array of services to patrons, including new additions such as escape rooms and media labs.
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