Free the statue garden


One of my favorite spots on campus to study or just think was the statue garden outside the Museum of Art for the first few years of my time at BYU.

The statues were all beautiful, almost eerily so, and were only enhanced by the pool, stones and flowers in the area. But then came the blocks. The steel yellow ducky, purple cat head, golf pole and gigantic orange steers, plus more amateur and distasteful sheet-metal block work invaded and were set up supposedly for a short amount of time.

I understand the MOA wants to display all sorts of artwork, and I like a little modern art as much as the next person, but please. What was once an extremely tasteful atmosphere was turned into an eyesore, and it’s only getting worse. The statues are starting to rust and get scratched; a couple even have graffiti on them.

They do nothing to improve the stature of this campus — on the contrary, they detract from it. I am begging anyone who has power over what is or isn’t displayed in that area, please free the statue garden.

Jordan Clement
Kent, Wash.

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