Reexamine the dress code


I am a student athlete at Brigham Young University, and student athletes are issued many articles of clothing, including spandex, short shorts, tank tops and running tights.

These specific items are said to go against school policy set apart for BYU students in the Honor Code as it states, “Clothing is inappropriate when it is sleeveless, strapless, backless or revealing; has slits above the knee; or is form fitting.”

Spandex, short shorts and tank tops are both revealing and do not come to the knee. Running tights, which have often been forbidden from the Testing Center and not approved by the faculty, are indeed form fitting but otherwise not revealing and do not pose any opposition to the Honor Code.

These tights are often made out of a thick material akin to denim and go all the way to the ankles. They are just as form-fitting as jeggings and skinny jeans and just as revealing. I’ve seen people in the Testing Center wearing jeans that are equally tight and, when they lean over in their desks to focus on their tests, display a shocking amount of skin. Running tights are meant for athletic activities and do not pose a similar problem.

Everyday attire is getting tighter and tighter and is still being accepted. Perhaps it’s time for the BYU Honor Code to be reexamined. We reject items that seem to be against the Honor Code while also rejecting the notion that they are almost identical to other items being permitted.

Kristi Rush
Gilbert, Ariz.

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