BYUtv announces fall show line-up

The cast of Studio C is ramping up for their thrid season. (Photo courtesy of BYUtv.)
The cast of “Studio C” is ramping up for the show’s third season. (Photo courtesy BYUtv)

BYUtv announced its fall television line-up last week, promising a diverse, family-friendly television medium for viewers.

The line-up includes past favorites such as “Studio C,” “Turning Point,” “The Story Trek,” “The Song that Changed My Life” and “American Ride.”

Anticipation has been mounting with fans for the upcoming premiere of BYU’s breakout comedy “Studio C.” Cami Cartwright, a food science major from Provo, is excited for the show’s third season.

“I am excited to get to see more of their sketches,” Cartwright said. “I went to one of the ‘Studio C’ filmings, but I didn’t get in so I got to watch the sketches in the overflow room.”

BYUtv has a large following because of the family-friendly nature of its programming. Jason Thomsen, 23, an exercise science major from Winter Haven, Fla., shared how BYUtv and “Studio C” have become a tradition in his family.

“My younger brother records all of (Studio C) and watches it over and over again. It makes me feel pleased because he’s growing up with BYU,” Thomsen said. “It’s nice to be able to find some sort of comedy that is clean.”

For many BYU students, they are excited to have a nationally syndicated television network from their alma mater.

“(It gives me a) sense of pride since it’s BYU. That’s who we are. It’s our own channel. It’s a sense of ownership,” Thomsen said.

With the door open to season three of “Studio C,” some students plan out their viewing rituals far in advance, like Esther Raty, 20, from Sandy.

“There is a friend of mine in my apartment complex who loves ‘Studio C’ and will invite a bunch of people in our ward over and give us the highlights, and that’s a lot of fun,” Raty said. “I am most likely to watch ‘Studio C’ if I can watch it with other BYU friends who know that it’s a good episode.”

Despite the fact that “Studio C” has been the star-child of BYUtv, the other programming for this upcoming season shows a great deal of promise. Whether you are looking for an inspirational story from the show “Turning Point” or a dose of period drama from “Granite Flats,” the upcoming line-up offers a dose of something for every member of the family.

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