eviDANCE transports BYU audiences to the delight of dance

Pat Debenham led the audiences to the journey of dance.
Pat Debenham led the audiences to the journey of dance.

A old little man threw all of his belongings to the stage. But his red umbrella was still missing somewhere — no, simply flying above. Clumsily hopping around, he tried to catch the red umbrella. In his last attempt, the umbrella suddenly pulled him up to the air. He flew far and far away. And the journey began.

It was the opening act of “eviDANCE” with Pat Debenham as a storyteller. The journey first transported the audience to the land of “Jingle and Grass” with the uplift and energetic dance moves of Living Legends.

Erin Modersitcki, a freshman from Highland, said her favorite group is Living Legends.

“I love the Living Legends,” he said. “I love it, the last performance they just did; that was so amazing. I just love it. I love the energy that they bring.”

Theatre Ballet, International Folk Dance Ensemble and Ballroom Dance Company added to the theme of dance transport with their unique and impressive performances.

Nicholas Pope, an exercise science major at UVU, said his favorite moments in the show are performances from Theatre Ballet because his girlfriend is a ballet dancer.

“Very well performed,” Pope said. “Of course they are at the beginning of the semester so I did not know … it could be so polished up. But very, very well performed for their first show. I’m excited to see the rest of their semester and the rest of their school year too.”

The Living Legends brought joys to the audiences with their energetic performances.
The Living Legends brought joy to the audiences with their energetic performances.

The audiences, together with Pat Debenham, explored how dance can elevate them. The highlight of this theme is “Mo Li Hua.” International Folk Dance Ensemble members brought Chinese elements to the show with their flowing and graceful synchronization.

The melodic sound of drums and rattles of “Foxhole” brought the audiences back to reality. The sharp, dynamic and athletic movements of Theatre Ballet enabled them to feel the energy from dancers.


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