BYU grads host 5K obstacle run


The “Hit and Run 5K” adds a new twist to the list of popular, creative runs.

The Wacking Wall is one of the six challenges runners will encounter on their 5k journey
The Whacking Wall is one of the six challenges runners will encounter on their 5K journey. (Photo courtesy Jason Hermann)

“It is a 5K run, and along those kilometers you will run into obstacles which you will do battle,” said Dusty Hulet, the marketing and creative director for the race.

Participants can run across wobbly pillars and bounce off oversized inflatable balls as they go through the race’s six obstacles set up throughout the 3.1 mile course, according to the website.

One of BYU’s former rugby players, Mike Price, participated in the company’s popular YouTube promotional video called “Making Grown Ninjas Cry Since 2013” by testing to see how the equipment held up to a man of his stature.

“Honestly I am a bigger guy and I played rugby back in the day,” Price said. “I was intimidated by some of (the obstacles) because when you hit a ball and it throws you, you go a good couple feet in the air. You’re afraid you’re going to land on something and hurt yourself, but honestly it was a blast.”

The Bouncy Bridge throws a runners off balance as he makes his way across the obstacle. Photo courtsey Jason Hermann
The Bouncy Bridge throws a runner off balance as he makes his way across the obstacle. (Photo courtesy Jason Hermann)

Jason Hermann, a BYU graduate student, is one of the founding partners of the run. After almost two years of preparation, which included trips across the world as he oversaw the creation of the obstacles, Hermann expressed his anticipation for the upcoming event taking place on October 12 at the Utah State Fairgrounds.

“I am excited to see a lot of people have a really good time. I am excited to see the masses come and just have a big giant party on the obstacles,” Hermann said.

Inspiration for the Hit and Run 5K came as Hermann recognized that the existing popular races were primarily focused on getting down and dirty. Speaking with a partner, Hermann recounted his initial thoughts regarding a cleaner style of run.

“Let’s do a race that has big, ridiculous, inflatable, colorful obstacles (that are) bright-colored and clean,” Hermann said.

Also commenting on the origins of the run, Hulet said, “I think our generation grew up on a lot of obstacle-related television shows. Everybody would love to be on these television shows. Now this opportunity is available.”

More information, including videos and tickets, can be found on the company’s website at

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