Weekly Five: Summer water sports


August is upon us, and students should brace themselves because heat waves are here. While cooling down with hamburgers, shakes and movies can help out, sometimes the best way to chill out is with water sports. (Preferably at least 30 minutes after the burger and shake.) The following is a list of water sports to try out during summer:

1. Water polo

Have access to a big swimming pool? Try out water polo. Offensive players try to throw a ball into a goal and defensive players try to block shots. Water basketball is a similar sport.

Cameron Drennan, a junior facility and property management major from Folsom, Calif., said he thinks water polo is the best water sport.

“It may look boring to watch, but it’s actually really brutal,” Drennan said.

2. Water balloon hide-and-seek

A couple of years ago, BYU held a massive water balloon fight. Students today without access to hundreds of thousands of water balloons can try water balloon hide-and-seek. In water balloon hide-and-seek, the finder has a bucket of balloons and tags hiders by throwing the balloons. Once the finder finds a hider, they split the balloons up and the hider becomes a finder too.

3. Water limbo

Water limbo has several different variations. Players can use a hose and lower it for each pass until the limbo-er is splashed. More adventurous players can try the game with a sprinkler, in which case the limbo time becomes an important element.

4. Water gun capture the flag

Another group water game, water gun capture the flag can be a blast. Grab a bunch of friends, fill up water guns and pick a field. Being careful to not run out of water in the guns adds an interesting aspect of patience to the game.

Aaron Brown, a senior computer science major from Vancouver, Wash., said guarding the jail is his favorite part of water gun capture the flag.

“You can spray the people in jail with your water guns all you want,” Brown said. “What are they going to do about it?”

5. Chicken fights

Chicken fights are another good pool sport on the list. To chicken fight, hop on a friend’s shoulders, while in a pool, and wrestle another friend who’s riding on someone else’s shoulders. Chicken fights are fun to watch even without being involved.

Amy Veronin, a senior costume design major from Colorado Springs, Colo., said chicken fights are her favorite water sport.

“They’re the best water sport,” Veronin said. “They’re just hilarious to watch.”

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