Cougarettes to perform at the Covey Center this week


The BYU Cougarettes will perform a variety of dance styles at the Covey Center this Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 21–23.

The Cougarettes are well-known for performing and cheering at games. However, they are first and foremost a talented, versatile dance team.

Caitlyn Averett  is one of the many talented Cougarettes performing this week. (Photo by Mark Philbrick)

Kaitlyn Swenson, a former Cougarette, is the assistant coach for the Cougarettes. She said the Cougarettes are capable of performing multiple dance styles.

“They are able to do all these different dance styles, and they do them very well,” Swenson said. “They are very proficient. … They have an artistic side that people don’t really get to see. (Cougarettes) love games and cheering for them, but it is a small part of what they do.”

Kiley Forrest, the current Cougarette president, is excited to see her hard work pay off by showing audiences the diverse abilities the team has to offer.

“We’ve been practicing since October,” Forrest said. “People don’t really get to see us dance and perform like this, they just see us cheer. … This year’s performance will have diverse dances with really neat meanings.”

Kathy Swenson is a regular at the Cougarette performances; she has been attending them for at least 10 years.

“We made it an annual tradition of girls’ night out,” Swenson said. “Both my girls were in dance … as we attended concerts, they loved the Cougarettes.”

Both of Swenson’s daughters have been on the Cougarette dance team, and Swenson has had some personal interaction with the team. She said she is impressed with the girls’ talent as well as their character.

“I have grown to love and respect them,” Swenson said, “not just for who they are, but what they stand for. … They are more than just a dance team, they truly try to be aware of those watching them (and) be a good example for the university and the Church as well.”

The upcoming concert will showcase a variety of dance styles including hip-hop and jazz. For Swenson, some of the Cougarette dance routines are also emotionally moving.

“The technique and high level of performance is amazing,” Swenson said. “I was just awestruck. … It was stunningly beautiful and brought tears. … Whatever dance they are performing, they excel and exceed my expectations.”

Tickets are $15 for the public and $12 for students and seniors. To purchase tickets, call the Covey Center box office at (801) 825.7007.

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