Pedestrian injured on Campus Drive crosswalk


An auto-pedestrian accident occurred on Campus Drive on Feb. 12.

A red pickup turning onto Campus Drive from the northwest Museum of Art parking lot tapped into a pedestrian in the crosswalk, according to University Police Lt. Arnie Lemmon.

“The driver said he looked both ways and didn’t see him (the pedestrian),” Lemmon said. “Luckily he was pulling out very cautiously.”

The pickup grazed the pedestrian, who fell to the ground. University Police was notified and sent an officer to the scene.

“He just barely bumped him,” Lemmon said. The pedestrian’s injuries did not seem traumatic.

“He complained about his right wrist and one of his knees. He was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, and they did a quick evaluation.”

The pedestrian was a non-student passing through campus. Lemmon spoke with him two days later, and the man had no visible trauma but said he still felt a little sore.

University Police did not issue a citation to either the driver or the pedestrian.

In 2010 two women were struck and one was killed while crossing Campus Drive, though auto-pedestrian accidents are pretty rare on BYU campus, according to Lemmon.

This minor incident takes on some significance in regard to last month’s announcement that Campus Drive will no longer cut through campus after 2015. The Campus Unification Project involves replacing the road with pedestrian-friendly green space, partly to avoid accidents like these.

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