High school to be converted to MTC in Mexico City

Missionaries arriving in droves to the current 15 MTCs have caused The Church to expand their training efforts in Mexico. (Photo courtesy LDS Church)

Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder Russell M. Nelson, announced a new Missionary Training Center opening in Mexico City. The second MTC in the country will hold about 1,500 missionaries per month.

A high school owned by the LDS Church will be turned into Mexico’s second MTC. The school, Centro Escolar Benemerito de las Americas, has been open for almost 50 years. This February will be the 49th year the institution celebrates opening its doors to students from all over the country and the world.

Elder Holland and Elder Nelson, along with area authorities including Jose L. Alonso and Benjamin De Hoyos, were part of the school’s devotional to announce that this will be the school’s last semester.

Elder Holland compared the 600 students (approximately) that graduate from the institution each year with the 1,500 missionaries that are expected to “graduate” each month. He thanked the students for giving up their place for a better purpose which will help bring even more people to the Church.

Former High School Benemerito de Las Americas. (Photo Credit: Instagram)
Former High School Benemerito de Las Americas. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“What a compliment to Mexico, what a tribute, what a compliment to you,” Elder Holland said, “to be in the absolute vanguard of this work and be the only place God and his leaders could turn to further this work.”

“You are coming into this story tonight, in the middle,” Elder Nelson said to the students. “Much transpired before today, and much will yet occur in the future.”

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