Storms raking Southeast blamed for 2 deaths


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The third winter storm pounding northern Utah in four days seemed to have a bulls-eye on a tiny mountain town 40 miles north of Salt Lake City.

Liberty in the mountain-framed Ogden Valley has received 38 inches in the past two days, the National Weather Service said.

Justin Kidd appears lost in a snowbank as he snowblows his neighbor’s driveway in Brigham City. (AP Photo)

“We’re geared up for it. Everybody has a tractor or snowblower,” Liberty resident Evan Miller said Wednesday. “I’ve got a high-clearance vehicle with axle lockers on it and pulled out of 32 inches this morning.”

Less-equipped residents along Utah’s Wasatch Front are feeling shovel fatigue.

“I don’t care for it right now,” Salt Lake City resident Kerry Adams told KSL-TV. “It’s just a lot of work.”

The snow has been falling almost nonstop since Sunday, and unevenly, with some places getting just a few inches a day; Alpine in Utah County got 18 inches on Tuesday.

“It’s been quite a snowy situation here,” said Pete Wilensky, lead forecaster for the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City. “We’re up to a monthly total of almost 24 inches, almost double normal.”

The storms are winding down, but lingering snow will last into Wednesday night, he said.

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