Increasing flu awareness


Students and staff are now advised to take extra measures to avoid catching the flu during this season.

The Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report prepared by the Influenza Division for Jan. 5 through Jan. 12 signaled that the only state nationwide that has not reported widespread flu-like illnesses is Tennessee. Therefore, all students and faculty should be informed about what can be done to avoid getting the flu.

The College of Nursing is about being healthy and safe and requires all students to get a flu shot once a year in order to be sure  they won’t spread the sicknesses.

Gaye L. Ray, professor of Advanced Public Health Nursing, feels that all students and faculty should know how to deal with the flu. 

“Here in Utah County we know that last week the reports of flu-like illnesses went up hugely,” Ray said. “It’s early flu season, but it’s happening.”

Ray said knowing that the flu can be contagious one day before symptoms develop, or that sudden dizziness is an emergency warning sign, is something all people, especially students, need to know.

“It’s all going around (the flu); I just hate for people to be so sick,” she said.

Students who work on campus and are in direct contact with food are now required to take flu awareness training, which features a germ-like version of the Rat Pack singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” in order to make it entertaining and memorable. It aims to remind the workers how the flu can spread.

The Student Health Center also plays a major role in keeping all students healthy. Debbie Eyre works at the Student Health Center and said they offer both education and medical support for people who have flu-like symptoms.

“One of the main things we have done is make the flu shot free for all students on the SHP (Student Health Plan),” Eyre said. 

For more information on the flu and on how to stay healthy this winter, visit

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