Provo gaining more popularity one band at a time


Local bands are making it big in Provo. Parlor Hawk, a Provo band, is no exception, gaining national recognition. The band is coming out with its second album with the help of fans.

Parlor Hawk first started with lyric and song writer Drew Capener, who teamed up with Joshua James to produce his own album. Once the process started, Capener started piecing the band together to what it has become today. Parlor Hawk is considered both Indie Folk and singer/songwriter. Its first album, “Hoarse and Roaring,” debuted in the summer of 2010 and became a success. The band made it big on the iTunes Indie Spotlight page as “Best of 2010 Singer/Songwriter Album.” In 2012, “Saddest Song” won the award for “Best Acoustic Song” in the Independent Music Awards.

Jay Tibbitts, the drummer for Parlor Hawk and a senior majoring in jazz studies at BYU, loves how Provo is emerging with many talented and successful artists.

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The five talented musicians of Parlor Hawk.

“There is so much talent here in Provo, whether it’s art, dance or music and there are so many talented individuals all around us,” Tibbitts said. “If you think about it, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons and Fictionist are all gaining incredible popularity and they started right here in Provo. It is cool that they are putting Provo on the map and helping other artists be discovered.”

Parlor Hawk hopes to release a second full-length album without a label in 2013. To make a next debut possible, Parlor Hawk has a goal to raise $15,000 through Kickstarter, which is a funding platform that helps connect artists with their fans by enabling people to contribute to a project by pre-ordering items. With the money Parlor Hawk raises through Kickstarter, its members will be able to complete an album and get it out to fans and Kickstarter supporters.

Mark Garbett, the keyboardist for Parlor Hawk and a BYU grad, is excited for the new album that will be geared more toward Indie Rock and expects it to be better than the first. He thinks that Provo is unique because it is a place where great music unfolds unlike any other place. BYU students are lucky to be living in Provo during this fast and growing trend.

“BYU students don’t understand that they are living in an incredible music scene with bands that increasingly are getting national and international attention,” Garbett said. “The music coming out of Provo is on a different level than most other places in the country. It’s really an amazing place to be living for music.”

Megan Melendez, a junior majoring in sociology, is one of Parlor Hawk’s supporters on Kickstarter and is looking forward to their new album and what it has to offer.

“I think it is important to support local talent to encourage future artists,” Melendez said. “It’s fun to be a part of something from the beginning and watch it grow into something bigger. I’ve been impressed by Parlor Hawk’s level of playing, expression and lyrics.”

As much as BYU students love going to football games, Tibbitts suggests that they should also explore the music scene going on around them, especially during the football off-season. Provo has become the launching pad of hidden talent among emerging musicians.

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