A different look at the Book of Mormon


Professors Ed Carter and Ken Plowman presented on free speech and agency in relation to The Book of Mormon at the Mormon Media Studies Symposium yesterday.

In one hour, the two professors, both in the communications department at BYU, summarized how the Book of Mormon upholds free speech values and provides examples of free agency.

Professor Carter specifically focused on the fundamental and societal free speech values found in the Book of Mormon.

“The Book of Mormon itself has an expansive view of the role of written and oral expression within the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Carter said. “Jesus Christ himself taught the ancient people in The Book of Mormon the importance of speech in preaching his gospel, so we see that the expression of facts and ideas is a divine activity.”

Professor Plowman discussed agency, free speech and cognitive dissonance verse compatibility. Plowman was asked what sparked the idea for his research. In reply, Plowman and Carter expressed their opinions and thoughts about the gospel and the truths is encompasses.

The audience was captivated by the originality of the messages given and discussion pursued once the professors finished.

Audience member, Janis Hardy from Pleasant Grove, expressed her appreciation for the gospel and the recent media attention the Church has received.

“I am glad that people are more aware of the Church and what Mormons believe because of the media attention lately,” Hardy said. “I have enjoyed learning more at the symposium today and I think the recent media attention given to the Church has been positive overall.”


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