Favorite Religion Class at BYU


According to a poll conducted by The Universe, BYU students consider The Book of Mormon course to be the most loved religion class at BYU,

Picture 4 by . BYU offers a large variety of religion classes ranging from LDS Marriage and Family to Judaism and the gospel and everything in between.

The Book of Mormon course is offered in two parts, and many students begin their BYU religious education experience with The Book of Mormon.

Kayly Engebrecht, a freshman with an undeclared major, considers Book of Mormon to be the most important religion class at BYU because it teaches students about the keystone of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I love my Book of Mormon class because it gives a more in depth perspective on what we’re told that we should always read,” Engebrecht said. “It also teaches you more about the book that our religion is based on, so it’s really important.”

Another element that contributes to the popularity of the Book of Mormon course are the professors that teach it.

Gary Fullmer, a junior facility and property management major, said specific religion professors contribute to the Book of Picture 2 by . Mormon course’s popularity.

“Teachers are really important when choosing a religion class,” Fullmer said. “Professor Mark Wright’s Book of Mormon class was my favorite religion class because of Professor Wright’s knowledge about ancient Mesoamerica. He brought a different perspective and great insights into the course.”

There are also other religion courses that have gained popularity over the years. Some of these classes include Living prophets, Pioneers and persecution and Missionary preparation.

Emily Veazey, a pre-nursing sophomore, loves the New Testament course material as well as her professor, Brother Todd Parker.

“I enjoy my New Testament class with Brother Parker because he gives us course packets which tie in scripture with modern-day revelation,” Veazy said. “Brother Parker also teaches about the life of the Savior and how it applies directly to our lives today.”

The university is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a result, BYU offers religion courses to fulfill the university’s mission of religious education which is, “to assist individuals in their efforts to come unto Christ by teaching the scriptures, doctrine, and history of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through classroom instruction, gospel scholarship, and outreach to the larger community.”

Religious courses continue to thrive at the university, and offer students a new perspective on religious teachings.

“[Religion] classes give different and new perspectives on scriptures,” Fullmer said. “The new perspective is what makes the classes great.”

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