In Provo, Tuesday is for Tacos


Tuesday is special. It is the day of the week with potential to trigger sparkle and joy in an otherwise dark time of homework and long work shifts. Because Tuesday is for tacos.

It is difficult to understand exactly where this tradition originated. However, tortillas are cheap, and with a few fillings they can transform a Tuesday night.

Some of the appealing aspects of Taco Tuesday are its affordable options that facilitate celebrating at home. There are several websites that offer various options for taco fillings, making the celebration a weekly excuse for friends and family to get together. Types of tacos vary broadly and can utilize local specialty ingredients. However, if time is short, eating out can be just as enjoyable.

[media-credit name=”Kenny Baldwin” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]There is no short supply of Mexican restaurants in Utah Valley. Mexican food has permeated its eating culture, from the Taco Bell in the Cougareat to Los Tres Amigos, Los Hermanos and Los Tres Hermanos. Several of these restaurants are cashing in on the Taco Tuesday phenomenon, offering discounts on tacos to lure patrons.

Del Taco may have the best taco deal around.

“It it’s Tuesday, you’re in luck,” said Seung Oh, a junior studying economics. “At Del Taco you can get six tacos for like $2. It’s perfect for students.”

If the corporate flavor of Del Taco leaves something to be desired, there are more local favorites available. El Azteca on Bulldog Blvd. has $1.25 tacos every Tuesday evening.

Steven Roper, a senior studying sound engineering, credits El Azteca with saving Taco Tuesday for him.

“Back in high school, I didn’t have so many good experiences with Taco Tuesday,” Roper said. “But this was a transformative experience.”

[media-credit name=”Kenny Baldwin” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Rubio’s is another Mexican restaurant with Taco Tuesday options. Chad Tanner, a senior in the finance major, prefers Rubio’s over other taco restaurants.

“I think it’s a buck fifty for one fish taco,” said Tanner. “I’m not big on Del Taco, I just don’t think it’s that much better. A buck fifty is a pretty good deal, and they are quality tacos.”

For Jeremy Miller, a junior in the humanities major, it’s the whole experience of the evening that makes Taco Tuesday, not just the food.

“I feel like Taco Tuesday is a really fun weekly celebration people can have,” Miller said. “You have the expectation of tacos, a group of friends and something you can do weekly. It’s a lot of fun because it’s a pre-established event.”

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