Fried Green Jello debuts at the Utah State Fair


People attending the Utah State Fair this year are in for a special treat! A stand at the fair has taken fried foods to a whole new level and thrown in some Utah humor as well. Fried green jello made its big debut at the fair this year, and most are going in blind. After all, where else would you have ever gotten fried green jello?

People haven’t heard of this before which might explain why the line for the green jello can get kind of long. It is the top order at the stand according to stand employee Maxamillion Gallegos.

“Last friday it was the best sold item, and it shocked all of us.”

Some went out of their way to find the stand while others avoided it at all costs, but whether you like it or not the big question on everyone’s mind is how do you make it?? Max explained the process to us.

“We make green jello and mix it up for our batter…you pour it in the fryer. Then you take it and sprinkle jello powder…”

The notorious stand is always trying new things, so if jello isn’t your style, they also sell fried candy bars, fried sandwich cookies, and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The owner is keeping next year’s fried food a secret, but Max said it will be so good he plans to get it patented.

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