The Model Track Star


Would you set your dream aside to become a full time student? One BYU track athlete gave up the catwalk to take a full sprint.  Rhyan Atrice is a sprinter who runs the 400, 200, 100 as well as both the 4 by 4 and 4 by 1 relays.

Atrice put his dream of becoming a full time model on hold to get an education.  Although Atrice is unable to work full time he says that there are many blessings that come from going to college and being part of a team.

“The field that I want to go into is not the quote on quote best industry for an LDS person [or] for anybody and the fact that I’ve come here and have learned more about the church, more about myself, I know what weaknesses I have that I don’t think I would have found out by not coming to BYU,” said Atrice.

Atrice has also made many business connections that he says would not have been possible by directly going into the field.  Atrice also says he is gaining wisdom and learning how to do work more efficiently and be more consistent in life.

Atrice hopes that with his degree in marriage and family therapy he will be able to you his connections to become a celebrity therapist.

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