Geocaching craze taking over Provo


Modern day treasure hunting is occurring all over the world, with the help of a handy smartphone.

Geocaching is not your everyday scavenger hunt. With the Groundspeak’s Geocaching Application for both Apple iPhones and Android phones, everyone is capable of discovering these little treasures in the areas where they live, work and play.

This application can be downloaded absolutely free, and it allows its users to locate local geocaches, or small hidden containers, that have been hidden by other treasure hunters. These containers normally take the form of film canisters, small containers or anything around that size, with a piece of paper where treasure hunters can write down their names and the date they located the geocache. Although the item is not that thrilling in itself, it is the pursuit and discovery of the geocache that really make the experience worthwhile.

With millions of these tiny treasures hidden all over the world, it is no wonder why this exciting game has been picked up by many within the Provo area. It is not only a fun game and hobby, but it can also be a great date for the active single adults.

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Local geocaches can be found using the Groundspeak's Geocaching Android application.
“I had never been geocaching before,” said Evan Chymboryk, a BYU senior studying chemical engineering. “But I thought it was cool how our group split into two teams and hid our own geocaches for the other group to find.”

With the help of this app, anyone can hide their own geocache and post it online for their friends to find or anyone on the search for a nearby treasure. The application is able to locate your position through using the phone’s GPS and provides direct coordinates for that geocache.

“The application is extremely handy since it provides a compass to lead you toward the general vicinity of the geocache,” said BYU senior Zack Woodmansee, studying computer science. “Then once you follow the compass to the correct coordinates you get to scour the specific area for some sort of tiny container. The last one I found was at the top of a tree.”

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Zack Woodmansee looks for a geocache south of BYU's campus.
There are thousands of geocaches covering the Provo area, even some on BYU campus. “If I really need a study break, sometimes I will just look up where the nearest geocache is on campus using my phone,” said BYU senior Sean Burton, a molecular biology major. “You wouldn’t expect to really find any on campus, but there are a bunch.”

This activity has become quite popular amongst BYU and UVU students, and it is a great summertime activity that gets you active and outdoors. The application is available at no cost for all smartphone users.

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