BYU Bookstore makes feeling at home easier


As students flood the campus in preparation for the starting semesters, new books, school supplies and apartment products are a must. Rather than driving to the local Wal-Mart or Ikea repeatedly, Bed Bath & Beyond’s new pop-up shop makes those forgotten, last minute apartment needs more convenient.

“It is hard to remember or foresee all that one needs as you leave home and go to college,” said Gordon Brown, BYU Bookstore General Sales Manager. “The things that the Bookstore and Bed, Bath and Beyond sell at the back-to-school sale, cover many of the typical anticipated and unanticipated needs of someone moving in to start college.”

[media-credit name=”Katie Harmer” align=”alignright” width=”300″]Bed, Bath & Beyond products are now sold at the BYU Bookstore.[/media-credit]
Bed, Bath & Beyond products are now sold at the BYU Bookstore.
The BYU Bookstore  now features items beyond its usual merchandise. To get ready for the upcoming school year, Bed Bath & Beyond products are sold in the BYU Bookstore so students can meet all of their academic and household needs in one location.

Bed Bath & Beyond will be featuring its items in various outdoor tent sales and in-store sales starting now until Fall semester. Products ranging from hangers and storage bins to ice cream machines and snow cone makers are available to students at their convenience. This makes it easier for students without cars to get what they need for school and those with cars find better uses for their gas money.

“I stick around campus anyway,” said Sterling May, a student from South Jordan majoring in American Studies. “I have a car but I use it for grocery runs and going on dates.”

According to Lisa Abbott, College Field Manager at Bed Bath & Beyond, these additional products not only benefit students, but the BYU-run Bookstore gains extra profit.

“The Bed Bath & Beyond pop-up shop helps drive business to the college bookstores due to the large assortment of apartment living products and accessories,” Abbott said. “This allows the college to provide students with more merchandise options as they move onto campus housing.”

These additional benefits to the Bookstore help them with sales and, in turn, they can provide greater service to the students, faculty, staff and administrators on campus.

“It’s definitely good for the Bookstore to get that reputation out there and to bring in other products,” said Hailey Sutterfield, a Bookstore employee from Springville. “That’s a convenience they are doing for us as students not just because they think it’s going to help them earn money.”

The Bed Bath & Beyond pop-up sale in the BYU bookstore is a win/win/win situation where everyone benefits.

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