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More than one billion downloads later, Angry Birds is still taking the world by storm. Along with additional game versions and levels, this gaming app has inspired iPhone cases, tshirts, stuffed animals and other merchandise for hardcore fans.

Skyler Thiot, an advertising senior from Plano, Texas, said it’s nearly impossible to find a person who has not downloaded at least one Angry Birds game.

“I don’t know why those birds are angry, but it’s fun to play anyway,” Thiot said.

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Games are the most downloaded apps.
He said he enjoys playing Draw Something, along with more than 50 million others who have downloaded the app. The game allows players to draw pictures for friends to guess, like Pictionary. Through both a free and paid version, players can earn colors, words packs and other perks. Both Draw Something and Words With Friends, which plays like a mobile version of Scrabble, have reached the top of Apple and Android apps charts.

If you’re looking to branch out from pictures, word games and grinning pigs, check out these apps:

Alchemy. Starting with four main elements, users can create more 300 combinations. Users have loved the addicting game so much they created a comprehensive combination list.

Ticket to Ride. This strategy game involves building a railroad and expanding across the globe, competing for land against other players.

Ronald Schoedel, a third year law student from Anchorage, Alaska, said he enjoys the huge community of online users and the casual nature of the game. He also enjoys the in-app purchases.

“The add-ons with maps of Europe and Switzerland add an additional fun element,” he said.

Apps Gone Free. Everyone has their own favorite game. If you want to try some new options but don’t want to empty your wallet, this app alerts you daily of new games that are available for free from the Apple App Store.

What games are you currently addicted to? Tell us about your favorites on Twitter and Facebook.

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Many games, like Draw Something and Words with Friends, have received millions of downloads.
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