Police beat: Chief Massasoit defaced but undamaged



April 28 – A bike was reported stolen from Heritage Halls. The student last rode his bike at 4 p.m. but couldn’t locate it later that day. An officer later located the bike in another bike rack at Heritage Halls.

April 30 – A bike was reported stolen from the bike rack north of the Wilkinson Center. Upon further investigation it was discovered that police department had impounded the bike. The student successfully retrieved the bike.

May 1 – A bike was reported stolen overnight from Wyview Park. The bike is worth over $500. Police are still investigating.

Suspicious Persons

May 1 – Officers stopped a female riding a bike and a male riding a longboard down the middle of the street at 1:34 a.m. A background check revealed both had lengthy legal records and had been to jail before. They were asked to leave campus and did so willingly.

May 1 – Two transient men were reported to be loitering around the SAB facilities. They told the officer they were en route to Salt Lake City and waiting for the bus, but didn’t know the bus schedule. The officer assisted the men in finding the right route in time to reach their destination.

Suspicious Activity

April 30 – A Budget rental truck had sat in lot 20 over the weekend and was reported to authorities as being suspicious. Upon further investigation it was discovered the truck had been rented for Women’s Conference and was scheduled to be returned later that day.

May 1 – Police were called when several bikes were discovered to be missing parts. The responding officer reported finding four bike frames that had their locks cut. Most were missing tires, seats and handlebars. The bikes also had been spray painted pink. The case is still under investigation.

Juvenile Problem

April 27 – Four juveniles were reported to be throwing rocks at a UTA bus from on the bridge connecting the Law School and the Wilkinson Center. An officer was dispatched to the scene, but no one matching the description of the individuals could be found. The officer interviewed others waiting at the bus stop to see if they had seen any suspicious activity. All replied they hadn’t seen anything unusual in the last hour.

April 29 – An officer was called to assist in locating a juvenile runaway. The juvenile left his home after an argument with his parents. He was located at Heritage Halls and was reported to be staying with friends. He was reunited with his parents.

Recovered property

April 26 – A student located his bike at the JKB bike rack he had previously reported stolen. He contacted police who retrieved the bike for him.


April 26 – A man serving in the Marine Corps contacted police to report his credit card was used in recent purchases made at BYU totaling $1,000. The man did not make the purchases and was given guidance on the process of canceling his credit card and filing a report.

Hazard condition

April 27 – A large carbon dioxide tank was reported leaking and making a loud hissing noise backstage at the Pardoe Theater in the HFAC. Risk management was called and deemed the leak wasn’t large enough to harm anyone and couldn’t be stopped at that time. The tank was scheduled to be moved after the weekend.


April 27 – An officer was dispatched to the Cannon Center to care for a woman who needed medical attention because of a blister on her right foot.

Disorderly Conduct

April 27 – A ward group was watching a movie in the common area in the JRCB and was asked to leave. An officer was called to mediate. The group was not cooperative but eventually left complaining.

Criminal Mischief

April 28 – An officer was called to the Chief Massasoit sculpture located on the west side of the HBLL. Someone had placed different colored construction paper teepees on and around the sculpture. The officer removed the teepees. No damage to the sculpture was reported.

Property damage

April 30 – A crew member from BYU grounds was using an edger when it struck an object. The object was thrown and broke a window of a nearby vehicle. The value of the damage was not released.


May 1 – A professor forgot the keys to his office and called the campus police to let him in. After verifying his identity officers let him in. The professor was told he would only be allowed assistance two more times before it is declined.

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