Letters: Opening the row


Though BYU seems to be a dating utopia, socialization between men and women is threatened on Sundays. During Sunday Schools and sacrament meetings, it is common to see women occupy whole rows for their gender; men are then forced to sit somewhere else.  Socializing, and therefore dating, between men and women is easier when they are able to sit next to each other in church.

The bishop of my ward encourages us brethren to go on dates with the sisters, and also to sit by them to become better friends. He said in years previous, some sisters of the ward were unhappy with their BYU experience due to no men asking them on dates. A big reason the bishop wants us to sit and socialize with the women is to show how much we value them.

It is my goal every Sunday to sit next to the women in church, not only because I want to show how much I value them, but because I really like the women in my ward (no offense to other women). Unfortunately, the rows of women shut down my gender’s desires to spend some time with them.

BYU is supposed to be the land of dating opportunity, which can only happen if socialization can breathe. If you want to make it easier for us to get to know you and ask you out, leave some room for us.

By the way, you girls look great.

West Sacramento, Calif.

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