Letter: Grounds crew miracles


I am extremely grateful to work for a place where employees take pride in their work. I am particularly appreciative for those willing to get up early in the morning or come late in the evening to ensure that I have a clean place to work when I come to work. I can count on the trash to be emptied, the floors to be cleaned and the restrooms to be cleaned and supplied with the necessary toiletries each day. Monday, I noticed a custodian vacuuming the chairs at all the desks. I worked for about six weeks in an elementary school as a janitor, and I know how unpleasant this type of work can be at times.  Thank you to all of the custodial staff.

I am also grateful to come to work and see all the beautifully groomed lawns and flowerbeds. I see the amount of work that goes into beautifying the campus for graduation ceremonies and other important events. I have frequently made comments that I wished I had some of the BYU landscapers to landscape my neighborhood. Likewise, I am grateful each winter to have my path cleared for me so I can easily and safely make it to my office.

Kudos to those unseen heroes who make BYU a beautiful and safe place.


Manager, Graduation Services

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