Letter: Analyzing communication


“He said ‘Hi.’ with a period instead of an exclamation mark. … Is he mad at me?”

We’ve all over analyzed things that have no need to be analyzed in the first place, and as cell phones and the Internet continue to get more complicated, so do our relationships.

While texting or posting on Facebook can be faster and more convenient at times, it lacks the communication skills necessary to understand the true context of what’s being said and may often lead to confusion. I personally don’t know one person who can say they’ve never misinterpreted a text, myself included. So why do we continue to replace real conversations with wall posts and text messages? Advanced Telecom Services reported that in 2011 an average of 357 text messages were used per month compared to 204 cellphone calls. We as a society are collectively playing part to that statistic, resulting in a diminishment of true personal connections and an increase of quarrels caused by misconception.

So, let’s keep it simple; next time you want to talk to someone, give them a call. Avoid the over analyzation and misinterpretation. Not only could it save you time, but it could also save your relationship.


Agoura Hills, Calif.

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