Letter: Anonymously annoying


If you decide to send an email to the class about something or other ­­­— like “Hey, I missed class this day, can someone give me notes?” or “Here, I made up a Google Doc to study for the test,” or “Can you please all take this 3-minute survey?” ­— for the love of all that we can study, say what class it is for. Preferably in the subject line and in the body, though either is acceptable.

I am not a mind reader, and I cannot immediately tell what the jumble of letters and numbers that Blackboard puts in the subject line means. (One of my classes does not even use the teacher’s initials.)

I shouldn’t have to look up a jumble of letters and numbers on Blackboard to know what you want. Please just give your classmates all the information they need to help you; it will make them more inclined to do so.


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