Letter: Bad, but so good


I can’t decide if “Produce or processed (12/6)” was supposed to be a compliment or a criticism to the BYU Food Science Product Development Team.

The author commends the team for their hard work, then calls their product “another processed, preservative-filled concoction” and states the college’s resources should go elsewhere.

First off, Cheese Squared was not preservative-filled.

The only preservative in it was propionic acid, which occurs naturally in Swiss cheese.

Second, the creation of a new product will only distract people from buying fruits and vegetables if they want to be distracted.

It is easy to go into a store, head straight for the produce section, then get in a check out line.

The problem is people like to eat more than just produce.

Third, the food industry, like every industry, provides goods based on what sells.

That does not make the food industry bad. This industry feeds people.

It makes gluten-free products for those that have Celiac disease, low sodium options for those with high blood pressure and whole grain options because health-conscious consumers ask for it.

The food industry even makes a year round produce section possible.

Yes, the product development team made a fatty product this year.

The Daily Universe reported on it because a $10,000 prize is impressive.

Other pro-health food science projects were not included because they did not relate to the initial article.

But honestly, is there anything wrong with creating a food that makes you smile?

Heidi Engstrom


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