Letter: More cheese, please


To the author of “Produce or Processed (12/6),” thank you for pointing out the need for us to eat more fruits and vegetables.

It’s true despite the cornucopia of healthy options too many turn to unhealthy alternatives.

Why is this the case? Allow me to present a side of cheese squared (and food science itself) that was underrepresented in the recent article “When in Doubt, Bread & Fry (12/1).”

Cheese Squared is an all-natural appetizer made from low fat cheeses, spices and vegetables with the only exception being it is fried in oil.

The frying step uses a relatively new technique called “flash frying” in which the product is breaded minimally and fried at a high temperature for a very short period of time.

The shorter fry means less oil is absorbed resulting in a healthier product.

While Cheese Squared is by no means a diet food, it fits perfectly into a balanced diet.

Providing a high proportion of the calcium and protein you need each day, Cheese Squared is a very enjoyable, new way to get your daily dose of milk.

Research into new foods is important because as we discover new recipes we find more appealing ways of eating what already know we should.

America needs great new product developers so people won’t, as you mentioned, eat pizza and call it a vegetable.

Aaron Andersen


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