Windy weather causes damage in Utah


By Jocelyn Langford

Leanna Young spent several hours putting up her Christmas decorations over the Thanksgiving weekend. But now because of the windy weather she has to take them down and start over again tomorrow.

“I don’t know I’m just worried,” Young said. “I mean its like the trees, the limbs blowing off in the past we’ve had limbs break and its like if those break and land on my decorations it’ll cost a fortune to replace them.”

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But Young isn’t the only one who will be worried about the weather today. There is a strong wind advisory for people all along the Wasatch front — East of I-15 from Provo all the way to Brigham City.

Randy Graham is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City.

”You should really consider whether you need to be out there,” he said. “Because if you’re in an area where you’re getting these strong easterly winds, there might be a potential for there to be debris flying around or shingles off of roofs and that sort of thing.”

Graham also cautioned commuters to drive a little safer today and watch out for high-profile vehicles like semi trucks that could blow over.

As for Young, she is crossing her fingers and hoping for the least amount of damage.

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