Police Beat: Nov. 8 – Nov. 15


Disturbing the peace

Nov. 14  Two males were reported arguing over their relationship with a girl. Officers mediated the argument. No crime was committed.

Suspicious activity

Nov. 13  Loud noises that sounded like gunshots were reported near Wymount. Officers searched the area, but were unable to confirm shots were fired.

Nov. 13  Two people were reported looking at bikes in Heritage Halls. When officers arrived, they discovered they were parents of a student who lives there and they were waiting for him to get out of church.

Nov. 11.  A student reported a person carrying a cross. Officers responded and said the student wasn’t causing a problem.

Nov. 9  A man was reported walking into the Wilkinson Student Center with a rifle case. When officers arrived, they discovered the “rifle case” was a walking stick. This is not the first time officers have responded to this man.

Child abuse

Nov. 12  The father of a 14-year-old female was reported physically assaulting her. The matter is under investigation.

Nov. 11  A child was reported left in a car seat. When officers arrived, the car was gone. The witness had not written down the license plate.


Nov. 12  Students in an apartment in Budge Hall reported an iPad and electrical accessories stolen from their apartment.

Nov. 12  Two juveniles were reported stealing sporting equipment from the Cougar Den during the football game.

Nov. 11  A student was charged with two counts of retail theft after he was reported stealing deodorant and Orajel from the bookstore.

Nov. 10  A vehicle was reported stolen. The student later realized he had forgotten where he had parked.

Nov. 9  A student noticed his wallet was missing when he got off the ETA bus at the WSC. He reported that someone had used his credit cards. He was later contacted by ETA, which said the wallet was in the lost and found. The charges reported on his card were his own.

Nov. 8  A student reported that a laptop and the contents of a backpack, including credit cards, were stolen from the Harris Fine Arts Center.

Criminal mischief

Nov. 9  Graffiti was reported on an advertisement reading “We are the one percent.”

Nov. 9  A chalk message was reported written on the sidewalk, advertising ski passes. The message had a phone number so officers called and warned the student about graffiti.

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