The Moth & The Flame to release album with Velour show


This isn’t just any old album.

After a year of hard work, local band The Moth & The Flame is culminating the work on their debut album with a show at Velour Live Music Gallery tonight. According to some in the local music scene, it is some of the best music to ever come out of Provo. The CD release show will also feature Book on Tape Worm and Soft Science.

Pianist Mark Garbett said he and guitarist Brandon Robbins have been working hard on the album for about a year and are proud of what they have created, an album he described as art-rock. The band showed their artsy side by building giants, which have been on display in a front lawn south of campus, but will be moved to the front of Velour for the show.

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Local band The Moth & The Flame will release a new album at an upcoming Velour concert.
“We wanted to do an art installation,” Garbett said. “We thought of creating giants, something really big to make a statement.”

Robbins said Corey Fox, the owner of Velour, had much to do with the band’s success so far, as he helped in the process of their music video, booked them shows and gave valuable advice.

“Corey Fox and Velour have helped us a lot,” Robbins said. “He’s kind of raised the band. Velour is by far our favorite place to play.”

Fox said his passion is in band management, and loves working with bands who not only have the talent, but the dedication and hard work ethic necessary to make it in the music business.

“My motivation is trying to find new talent, and then to build that talent to help them be successful,” Fox said. “The Moth & The Flame is a band that obviously has the talent, but they’ve also showed the commitment and work ethic that it takes to succeed.”

Fox also believes the band’s work has paid off, and is proud of the album they created.

“The whole thing’s come together,” Fox said. “In my opinion, it may be the best album to ever come out of Utah.”

Kaneischa Johnson, a spokesperson for Velour, agreed with Fox, and said in pre-release parties and screening sessions that the response to the album has been positive. She said The Moth & The Flame put on a great concert, so the show itself will be amazing and worthy of the date.

“The band is worthy of an epic experience, and I couldn’t think of a better date to suit them than a date so memorable as 11-11-11,” Johnson said. “Once they’re in front of people, they just win people over in a hot second, because they’re that incredible.”

Book on Tape Worm and Soft Science, local bands and veterans of Velour, will open the show. Scott Shepard, the frontman of Book on Tape Worm, has been good friends of The Moth & The Flame, and said he is honored to open such an important show for them.

Shepard currently lives in Portland, but said he would not miss it, and would have driven to Provo whether or not his band played.

Robbins said the show represents the completion of the album, but that does not mean the band is stopping.

“I’m excited to have it off our shoulders and into people’s hands,” Robbins said. “It’s really nice to have it finished, and now we can start working on the next one.”

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