BYU ranked ninth most conservative student body in the nation


This may not come as a surprise to many, but a validation of a stereotype came by way of the Princeton Review in ranking BYU in the top-10 schools with the most conservative students. The study revealed 20 schools with the most right-wing leaning student bodies.

“I thought that we would be the number one most conservative school,” said Andrew Hyte, a student from Kaysville,  studying computer science. “I am shocked that we didn’t rank much higher than the ninth spot in the report.”

Even with one of the top-10 most conservative student bodies, BYU still has several Democrats who are actively prominent on campus.

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Mitt Romney, one of BYU's most famous conservative alumni, makes a point during a Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas.
“I think a lot of people at BYU are Republicans by default,” said Amanda Markarian, from Chino, Calif., studying psychology. “I have a lot of respect for Democrats on campus because they seem to have had to dig deeper to develop their political philosophy.”

The Princeton Review is a resource that helps prospective students learn about universities and assists those students on how they can best prepare to enter their school of choice. One prospective student reacted to the conservative ranking.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an overriding concern of mine,” said Jace Holyoak, a high school senior from Lolo, Mont., who hopes to attend BYU next fall. “But, for me, it is definitely a bonus.”

Princeton Review names Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mich., as having the number one most conservative student body.

The same review institution has also ranked BYU the top “stone-cold sober” university for the past 14 years straight.

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