And your 2011 Mr. BYU is …


From a tap dance to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” to an ASL interpretation of the Backstreet Boys classic “I Want It That Way,” the variety and energy of the Mr. BYU contestants kept the audience riled up through the night Wednesday.

The Mr. BYU event took place in the JSB auditorium, and what a night it was. The cheers came left and right as the surprises kept coming. One particular highlight was a performance of Beyonce’s  “Single Ladies,” where all the contestants performed original choreography.

The judges narrowed it down to two finalists, Mathew Christensen and Tyson Robert Bradley, and the decision was left in the hands of the audience and their cheers.

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Tyson Bradley is crowned this year’s Mr. BYU at the JSB Auditorium on Wednesday.

Bradley, 21, a pre-management major from Pocatello, Idaho, was declared Mr. BYU 2011. It was a great experience, especially for someone who loves to be in the spotlight, he said.

Along with the title of Mr. BYU, Bradley also won a $100 prize. He said he might need some divine counsel before deciding what to do with his prize money.

“I will have to pray about it,” he said. “And then put it into savings.”

Bradley’s talent definitely made him an act to remember. He sang an original song and played ukulele, as well as displaying his masterful yodeling capabilities.

“I was at scout camp when I learned to yodel,” Bradley said. “There was a man that yodeled in the mornings, and he taught us. I had yodel role models. I mowed lawns as a kid. I yodeled so no one would hear me over the mower.”

Christensen, the runner-up, said he wasn’t even sure what the competition was that he was auditioning for.

“There were a couple cute awesome girls that asked me to do it,” the 18-year-old Spanish Fork native said. “I thought it was a talent show, so I told them I’d love to.  I showed up and did my talent, and it was awesome. Stellar people, great experience.”

During the Q-and-A with the panel, Christensen got the question “what would you name your first child and why?” The response came quickly.

“Jimmer Fredette,” Christensen said. “Because it’s a name, noun, adjective and verb.”

The competition’s runner-up also walks away with a fabulous prize: a date with any of the female judges on the panel.

Deciding which of the young women to ask on the date will be a tough decision, Christensen said.

“They are all so amazing,” he said. “I would be happy with any of the girls on the panel.”

Miss Utah Aubree Williams was one of the judges on the panel and said it was a neat process from start to finish.

“I loved all the friendships that we saw perform,” she said. ” I was actually shocked about the turnout, I didn’t think this many people would come.”

As the night came to a close and the applause died down, Bradley said his childhood ambitions had come true.

“Ever since I was a little boy I’ve dreamed of things like this,” Bradley said while accepting his trophy and holding it high. “And it makes me want to yodel.”

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