Mr. BYU goes Bachelorette


By Ali Kirk

It begins with nine, but only one can claim the title of Mr. BYU.

Mr. BYU is a popular show that features the talent and skill of nine male BYU students. The event takes place once a year, and the judges are looking for the most graceful and fair of them all. The event is held during Homecoming week and is a great opportunity for students to take a load off and enjoy some comedic relief.

Lexi Lallatin, event lead of Mr. BYU, said the show pokes fun at the more traditional-type pageant.

“It’s supposed to be like a male beauty pageant,” Lallatin said. “Nine contestants do the ‘Miss Universe’ thing for kicks and giggles.”

Lallatin also said auditions were rigorous and competition is high this year. At least 30 came to the auditions, and the final nine were chosen based on their talent. Compared to previous years, this year has a wide-variety of talents that range from sign language to clogging.

Kelsey Paige, executive director of BYUSA, said the pageant will take on a fun new theme this year, following the tradition of a well-known television show, “The Bachelorette.”

“The men competing in Mr. BYU will actually be competing for a female professor, who at this time will remain unnamed,” Paige said.  “It should be kind of a neat twist on the pageant type theme.”

The popular ABC show features a competition between 20 or more different men, who all compete to become the husband of one lucky woman — a bachelorette. Of course, the only thing the Mr. BYU contestants are truly after is the title.

Eliot Wood, last year’s winner,  said participating in the event was a great opportunity for him.

“My roommate at the time signed up to audition and it sounded interesting,” Wood said. “I didn’t think about actually being Mr. BYU at the time, I just went and did my talent — I’m an impressionist. It was a good experience, I made new friends and had fun.”

For those competing this year, remember to stick to your guns, Wood said.

“Have confidence,” he said. “Be yourself and do your talent really well.”

The show is definitely worth coming to, Paige said.

“It’s going to be a very fun, very entertaining night,” Paige said. “And it’s free, so you can’t complain about the price.”

The show will take place tonight at 7 in the JSB auditorium and is free with a BYU I.D.


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