Fall Fest Welcomes BYU Students in Style


Friday night thousands of students from around the country will flock to BYU’s Brigham Square for a night of high spirited entertainment and fun … and it’s all free.

Fall Fest is an event designed to welcome students to BYU whether they be new or returning. More than 4,000 students will attend the event and enough activities, food and entertainment are guaranteed to keep everyone busy for the night, which will run from 7 to 11 p.m.

Alex Theobald of BYUSA, is the event lead and backbone for the project.

“This will be a fest of the best and it’s all focused on BYU goods” he said. “Students will enjoy and experience uplifting events that they would otherwise pay for. We want students to recognize and understand what the BYU experience has to offer.”

Theobald said that by highlighting BYU food and entertainment favorites, students will be able to see the fruits of their efforts.

BYU Activities coordinator Logan Mann, said the event will show off the fact that BYU is a community and a culture in itself.

The night’s activities will include inflatables, a rock wall and a thrift store costume contest. J Dawgs will be present and will hand out free hot dogs to the first 1,000 people in attendance. BYU Creamery ice cream will be given out and bands with BYU grassroots will be playing on two different stages throughout the night. And just to make sure every interest group is catered to both Humor U and Comedy Sportz will perform.


Also, for the first time in event history, a giant finger-painting mural will be provided for students to express their favorite things about BYU. Afterward, the mural will be prominently posted in the Wilkinson Student Center for all to see.

In the past the Fall Fest enticed a younger crowd, but this year promises to be much different. Executive Director Ashley Alexander, stressed the fact that all students are encouraged to attend.

“We want to get as many students as possible to come” she said. “We want to encourage people of all ages to come. This is not just for a younger crowd. Anyone can participate. It’ll be a fun thing to do that’s free for anybody.”

My Do, a sophomore from Vietnam, attended the event last year and said she enjoyed the mustache contest.

“It was really funny” she said, but added it would be more fun this year if more people come.



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