Orientation: Working out the nickels, dimes and dollars of financial aid


The BYU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office offers an easy to follow eight-step process that outlines the amount of money students will need for school, what resources are available and how to obtain those resources.

The first step is to calculate the total living cost of being a college student. We encourage students to plan ahead and remember the total cost includes the following expenses: tuition, room, board, books, supplies, personal expenses, transportation and loan fees.

The second step is determining what type of financial aid best fits your situation. There are many opportunities available at BYU to help finance your education, such as part-time work, scholarships, federal grants, federal loans and BYU loans. Specific details about the different options for financial aid are outlined on the office’s website under step two.

Deadlines are the most important thing to remember when applying for scholarships. Students must reapply by Feb. 1 every year to be considered for scholarships. We encourage all students to complete the Comprehensive Scholarship Application to be considered for various university scholarships.

Financial aid and scholarship funds are not available until the semester/term for which they are designated. Each type of aid has many eligibility requirements, including enrollment.

All financial aid and scholarship funds are first disbursed into your BYU student account. These funds will automatically pay any applicable tuition and fees, and then excess funds are refunded. BYU encourages all students to setup direct deposit for their excess student account refunds.

For information on the remaining steps, see the BYU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office website at financialaid.byu.edu.


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