Police Beat: July 18 – July 25


Suspicious Activity

July 19: A male was reported crawling around by Robison Hall wearing a “ghillie” suit — a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage. Officers searched the surrounding areas. The suspect was not found.


July 18: A police officer noticed damaged trees and plants on his route. There were marks on the curbing of the asphalt. No vehicles have been identified. Photos were taken and the grounds office was notified.

Traffic Accident

July 18: Officers attended to a call about a collision between a passenger car and a bicyclist. There were no injuries reported.


July 19: An unknown suspect was reported cutting the lock of a bicycle and stealing it from the rack at the Brimhall Building. No suspects were apprehended.

July 19: A report was filed regarding tools stolen from the Heritage Halls construction site. The tools were locked in a secured site. No suspects have been identified.

July 20: A bicycle was reported stolen from Wymount. The bicycle was locked and the cable was cut off.

July 23: A complainant stopped a police officer along the road to explain her purple bicycle was stolen. After the officer started asking questions, the victim stated she needed to leave and go to her apartment to get her bicycle’s information. She later returned to complete the report. The bicycle has not been found and no arrests have been made.

Disorderly Conduct

July 18: A male student refused to leave a campus office when he was asked. After a heated conversation officers arrived to the site of the incident. The student was warned and received a citation for trespassing.


July 23: Officers were called when a group of male suspects were found using the facilities without proper permission. All participants were escorted out of the Richards Building after a report of the theft was made.

July 24: Officers were called to LaVell Edwards Stadium when two individuals were reported trespassing. When officers arrived the trespassers had left the premises.

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