Police Beat July 5 – July 11


Citizen Dispute

July 6: A female student traveling on Campus Drive reported she was followed by a male suspect who she had accidentally cut off. When she arrived at the Creamery parking lot, the male suspect pounded on her window while screaming obscenities. She was able to back out and evade further confrontation. No suspects have been cited.

Disorderly Conduct

July 6: A female student contacted police after she was almost run over by another male student. The female student hit the trunk of the car expressing her frustration. After further questioning, the incident was declared accidental and no citations were issued.

July 8: A female student was hit on the back of her head by an egg.  The projectile was launched from a moving vehicle outside the Richards Building. The student reported only a welt. No suspects have been apprehended.

July 7: Police responded to a call about a person who appeared intoxicated on a UTA bus. After further investigation it was found that a warrant for his arrest had previously been issued by UTA. The suspect was turned into the custody of UTA authorities.

Love Triangle

July 6: A male student reported being harassed by his girlfriend’s ex-husband. The suspect reportedly made harassing phone calls, text messages, threats and accusations. Upon further investigation, officers realized the suspect has a history of related incidents. Investigation is ongoing.


July 8: Police were called to the tennis courts after a male student trespassed for the second time in one day. The student, who had not paid his fees, tried to borrow another student’s access band to use the courts. Police asked the suspect to leave and to not return until he had fixed his situation.

July 9: Policed answered a call to a female trespassing at LaVell Edwards Stadium. When confronted by the officer, the suspect stated she had always wanted to be in the stadium. The suspect was cited and later released.


July 6: A bicycle which was reported stolen in Springville was identified on a campus bike rack. The owner saw it and called police. When the suspect who parked the bicycle was confronted, he stated the property in question was given to him by someone who had recently moved to Mexico. No citations were issued, and owner has been reunited with his stolen bicycle.

July 6: Construction crews reported $2,100 worth of stolen tile. No suspects have been apprehended.

July 7: An EFY attendee reported stolen contents from his backpack at the Cannon Center. The backpack was left in the hallway. A cash amount of $400 and $75 of personal property were taken. No suspects have been apprehended.

Missing Person

July 6: A person was reported missing at the Wilkinson Center. The missing person was found and reunited with family soon after.

July 7: A 10-year-old was reported missing from baseball camp. The missing boy was found and reunited with his group.

Property Damage

July 7: A male suspect was reported making graffiti on a UTA bus stop. When officers confronted the 15 year old, he stated he likes to do art work. The graffiti was promptly removed and the suspect was released.

July 8: A Wymount tenant reported his car had been dinged by another tenant’s vehicle. After seven minutes of looking at the car, the police officer was not able to correlate the alleged damage with the vehicle in question.

Hit and Run

July 7: A 37-year-old suspect reported he was hit by a vehicle. After policed investigated it was found that the claims were unfounded. The male suspect was released with a warning.

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