A capella group hopes to hit the right pitch


“Jump, Jive an’ Wail” might just be what a local singing group does.

BYU’s very own Vocal Point is set to compete for $10,000 in the Gospel Music Channel’s “America Sings” competition. Tonight, the group will have its first chance to receive votes, competing against more than 100 singing groups throughout North America. “America Sings” highlights different videos on the show each week and tonight at 7 is Vocal Point’s chance to shine.  The American audience determines the winner and group featured in the season finale by casting votes at watchmctv.com/sing.

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Vocal Point is competing tomorrow in the "America Sings" competition for $10,000.
“At first we weren’t sure if we’d have time or be able to put something together, but we saw it as a unique and cool opportunity so we went to work and made things happen,” said Robert Seely, bass singer for the group, in an email.

Vocal Point members were surprised when they received a call from “America Sings” producers telling them they had seen their videos on YouTube. They were even more thrilled when they learned they had a recent video they could submit, said Shane Wright, artist manager.

There is no lack of enthusiasm for the video of choice, “Jump, Jive an’ Wail,” which features the singing and dancing group in BYU’s Harold B. Lee Library.

“We kind of use ‘Jump Jive’ as a trademark song of sorts,” said Jake Hunsaker, high tenor, in an email. “When people hear it, they know they’re listening to Vocal Point.  And besides that, it’s a fun song. You can’t help but tap your feet along with the beat and smile a little when you hear it.”

Tyler Sterling, member of Vocal Point from Renton, Wash., also feels this song choice gives a good representation of the group’s style. 

“Vocal Point loves the video of ‘Jump Jive an’ Wail’ because it gives the viewer a great idea of what our concerts are like,” he said in an email. “Many times we have had audience members get up and start swing dancing with other audience members.”

Vocal Point looks at the competition as an opportunity to broaden its audience and show that music can be clean and entertaining.

“Our music is fun and wholesome,” Hunsaker said. “You can enjoy what we do whether you’re 18 or 80 years old. And we love making music for people. Must there be any other reasons to vote for us?”

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