Gay relations harm the person and society


    It appears that the same-sex marriage issue is not only the ultimate wedge issue in the nation, but may very well be a wedge issue within the church, notwithstanding the doctrine contained in scripture and taught by living prophets.

    The Savior made it clear when he spoke to the woman taken in adultery that he approved of her, the individual, but not of her behavior. There is a critical difference.

    It is frightening that many members of the church seem to have bought into the doctrine of moral relativity, where the supreme sin is “intolerance.” While there are many individuals within and without the church who struggle with unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction, which in and of itself is not a sin, it is the acting upon these urges that constitutes homosexuality. It is a behavior. We tolerate, love and embrace these individuals, but we do not tolerate, love or embrace their behavior.

    Setting aside all the religious arguments surrounding homosexuality, there is a wealth of peer-reviewed social science research that clearly shows that homosexuality is a high-risk behavior that is harmful and destructive to individuals, and therefore to families and to society. We don’t encourage or condone other high-risk behaviors such as smoking, drug abuse or prostitution. And we don’t grant government benefits to individuals based solely on their destructive behavior. Why would we do so in the case of homosexual behavior?

    United Families International, a nonprofit, nondenominational organization dedicated to promoting the family as the fundamental unit of society, has compiled a collection of the most popular myths surrounding homosexuality and the realities that debunk them in a Guide to Family Issues: Sexual Orientation. In addition to the myths and realities contained in the Guide, there is an extensive collection of the scientific research which shows the dangers of homosexual behavior to individuals, families and societies. It is available on the internet. []

    As Latter-day Saints, we would do well to understand not only the doctrine surrounding this issue, but the science. Both are irrefutable.

    Lynn Allred

    Director of Communications

    United Families International

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