“Metras” exist too


    In our day and age, gender equality is a must. I am appalled to know that the article about the Metro’s was so one sided. There was no mention of the other half of the story. In the spirit of Spanish nouns, if there is a Metro there must also be a Metra. To be fair to the women of BYU, I have created a small quiz to see if they fit into the Metra category.

    1. When trying to tan you

    A. put on coconut oil.

    B. make sure to rotate every 15 minutes.

    C. burn your arms and neck.

    2. The word “deer” reminds you

    A. of Bambi’s mother.

    B. to send a donation to PETA.

    C. that there is jerky in the freezer.

    3. I never shave my legs because

    A. Ooh. That’s sick. I always shave.

    B. Nair works good enough.

    C. leg hair is the source of my power.

    4. Metallica is

    A. my favorite fingernail polish.

    B. the material of the pans I cook on.

    C. what I must hear to lift heavy objects.

    5. I watch American Idol

    A. and sing along

    B. think Simon is cute.

    C. must control all urges to vomit.

    6. Metro:

    A. A guy who dresses well.

    B. Chick Magnet.

    C. Public Transportation.

    If you answered all C’s and you are a girl, you are definitely a Metra. They might still have a spot on the women’s Olympic weightlifting team. If you are a guy, hopefully C was the letter of choice. If not, keep dressing nice and support your local hair stylist.

    Neal Peterson

    Kansas City, Mo.

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