Professors honored for virtues


    By Carrie Rowe

    Students recognized faculty this week for their efforts to promote honor and integrity.

    Honor Your Professor, a program sponsored by the Student Honor Association, allowed students to nominate professors who embody the vision of BYU and promote the principles of the University”s Honor Code.

    In their recommendation forms, students listed reasons and stories for why their professor should be one of the 30 faculty members recognized.

    “He elevates my commitment to God,” wrote one student of their professor. “I leave his class filling vindicated in my beliefs and commitments.”

    Over 200 teachers were nominated, and this week, the 30 chosen were awarded certificates and pins for their efforts.

    Ramon Zabriskie, a professor of recreation management and youth leadership was among the 30 chosen for promoting honesty and strong moral standards to his students. Mandi Anderson, a therapeutic recreation major and student of Zabriskie said his amazing energy made learning exciting.

    “He portrays his values and ethics through his teaching,” Anderson said. “He is truly concerned with helping students excel in therapeutic recreation.”

    Members of the Student Honor Association said they also enjoyed their opportunity to visit the classrooms.

    Sarah Hachtman, a junior from Atlanta, Georgia, and the Student Honor Association choir director, said she loved seeing the professors” reactions.

    “It was really fun because she [a professor] was so excited,” Hachtman said. “She was just in the normal mode helping students prepare for their tests, but it was such a refresher to her. It was like, ”Wow, I am appreciated.” It was good to see that the professors got some recognition for all of their hard work, not just as teachers, but also as role models and examples.”

    Celi Rios, a sophomore majoring in History from San Juan Capistrano, Calif. and an employee of the Student Honor Association, said when she visited the classrooms, she really understood why the students nominated the professors.

    “When I see them, there isn”t a doubt in my mind that they go over and beyond,” Rios said.

    Joe Miller, executive vice-president of the Student Honor Association, said many professors do an amazing job of setting an example, and the University wants them to know how much they appreciate their support.

    “We want them to be recognized because we feel like they are some of our strongest leaders,” Miller said. “In our own majors, in our own professions, they”re people that we look up to. They”re maybe the best in their field and have still carried with them these principles of honor, integrity and honesty.”

    In addition to honoring professors, students can nominate roommates who set good examples through “Honor Your Roommate.” The Student Honor Association will have a booth in the Wilkinson Center March 16-19 for students to enter recommendations.

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