Vice presidents appointed for international focus


    By Erik Rasmussen

    In a continued effort to expand the international reach of Brigham Young University, BYU President Merrill J. Bateman appointed Sandra Rogers as the vice president for International Affairs and Erlend D. (Pete) Peterson as the associate vice president for International Affairs.

    “As the university increasingly reaches out with its international programs, we are very pleased to have our Board of Trustees recognize BYU”s international efforts and approve these appointments,” Bateman said.

    The primary responsibilities of the new appointees will be the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, the Ambassadorial Visits Program and BYU”s study abroad programs. They will oversee BYU”s relationship with 25 international universities and work with BYU”s Division of Continuing Education in coordinating international outreach activities.

    “There are many different international activities and efforts all over campus,” Rogers said. “The creation of this office is a way to help them work together. My first goal is to learn from people on campus what would help them best.”

    Rogers, who had been serving as BYU”s associate academic vice president for international, distance and continuing education, has broad experience in the international arena. She has studied, served and worked in countries such as the Philippines, Nigeria, Jordan and Romania.

    “Her wise management of the university”s outreach programs these past several years has greatly helped focus BYU”s resources, which, in turn, has allowed us to create strong and viable relationships with a number of international universities,” Bateman said.

    Peterson became involved in BYU”s international efforts in 1973 when he was named an assistant dean of the Division of Admissions and Records and given responsibility for BYU”s international scholarship programs. In 1985, he was appointed an associate of the Kennedy Center and in 1990 was named dean of Admissions and Records.

    “I”m really pleased with the president”s vision and initiative to increase BYU”s international involvement,” Peterson said. “We”ve always had a very strong international program at BYU. I believe these appointments provide greater opportunities for the future.”

    Peterson brings years of experience and creativity in building and maintaining international relationships to his new position.

    Peterson recently accompanied the BYU Ballroom Dance Team on a stop in Washington D.C. Through a close contact, 25 European Ambassadors witnessed one of the team”s programs. Afterward, Spain”s ambassador said he would do whatever it took to get the team to visit his country, he said.

    “That”s the sort of thing we”re trying to do,” Peterson said. “We”re looking at what we can do to better assist what we”re already doing as a university.”

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