BYUSA members head to Moab


    By April Fillmore

    Forty-five BYUSA officers left Thursday, June 28, for a two-day leadership training and group rafting adventure in Moab.

    Michael McCleve, the director of BYUSA, said research over the years has proven that group-adventure experiences are critical components of leadership development.

    Through group-adventure experiences, such as the rafting trip to Moab, the BYUSA members are able to gain “personal knowledge of who a person is, what they can do, and what they can be depended on for,” Michael McCleve said.

    BYUSA president Matthew Blackner said this rafting trip will help BYUSA members understand the mission statement: Sense of Belonging.

    Blackner said if all of the BYUSA members feel like they belong and understand the people within BYUSA, it will be easier for them to help each other.

    Until recently, it has only been the BYUSA president, executive vice president and vice presidents working together on policies and Stephen Covey training.

    A few days ago, all of the executive directors joined the scene. By going on this group trip, Blackner hopes that that all of the executive directors will be able to “find their niche” within BYUSA, as well as be able to feel a part of the BYUSA team.

    In Moab they will be participating in team-building games on and off of the river and hiking, and they will also spend time with personal reflection and thinking. Blackner said past BYUSA trips helped him to see “the true colors” of those he is working with.

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