Letter to the Editor: VOICE should recognize caliber of Homecoming queens


    Dear Editor,

    What VOICE may not realize in its never-ending quest for removing the Homecoming queen portraits is that, as the adage goes, beauty is more than skin deep.

    Connie Kelly, one of the Homecoming queens on the walls of the Wilkinson Student Center, is just such a person.

    Long after Kelly was a Homecoming queen, after she left BYU, after she lost her flawless looks, she was a wonderful wife, mother and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Because of her influence for good in her family, my father joined the church. When his parents disapproved of his decision to be baptized, Kelly took him under her wing as one of her own children and supported him in the gospel.

    Kelly and her family are some of the largest reasons why I attend BYU today.

    Her influence for good did not just stop at her pretty face. Her goodness will continue on eternally.

    Every time I see her portrait in the Wilkinson Student Center, I aspire to be as great as she was.

    If this is the caliber of person each Homecoming queen was, why would we want to lose that great reminder? Why would we want to give up that inspiration?

    That is the question I would like VOICE to answer.

    Katy Street

    Stockton, Calif.

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