City of Orem plans new Web site


    By Marnie Keller

    The Orem City Council met last night to discuss the city”s new Web site.

    Neighborhood specialist Chad Hendry is heading up the new Web site project.

    “We want a recognizable home page representative of a recognized city,” Hendry said.

    The plan for the new site began a year ago when city management was reorganized, Hendry said.

    The current site has some problems, which the new site will correct, he said.

    “Currently the graphics for the various links within the Web site are not uniform,” Hendry said.

    The new Web site has uniform graphics within each different sections, creating a more aesthetic appearance.

    “This will hopefully give the Web site a more professional look,” Hendry said.

    The new Web site will correct other concerns by putting the important information up front, instead of buried behind misleading titles and confusing links.

    The new Web site will also include specific lists of all City departments and specific links to calendars and e-mail addresses from the main table of contents.

    Phone lists for all City departments and City Council members, including the mayor, will appear on the homepage so concerned residents will know how to contact city officials.

    “This will hopefully decrease the confusion felt by residents when they”re in search of information,” Hendry said.

    Travel information will also be available online.

    “Reported road closures due to construction and bad weather will also be available from the site,” said City manager Jim Ream.

    City departments and advisory boards will be able to post information regarding their organization and a calendar of events and meetings online, Council member Joseph Andersen said.

    The Web site is a great addition to Orem, Mayor Jerry Washburn said.

    The site is designed to accommodate everyone, from the youngest reader to the senior residents, Hendry said.

    Input from City staff and from the City Council and Mayor went into the development of the new Web site.

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