Letter to the editor: Julie’s debut not impressive


    Dear Editor,

    Many people at BYU may feel what is said on MTV doesn’t have any relevance to anything. However, like it or not, Julie Stoffer is going to be seen as representative of the BYU sub-culture. For people who are die-hard MTV fans, this may be their first insight into the life of a LDS college student.

    I definitely was not impressed. I watched the introduction of the characters for the new “Real World” episodes. In my opinion, Julie came across as a total airhead who expressed her beliefs in a totally confusing way. I’m not making a judgment call on her as a person, but as someone who is representing the whole BYU student body.

    If she doesn’t stick to her guns and has a weak showing, a lot of people are going to think that members of the LDS Church are willing to change to the situation so as not to be perceived as a bunch of stiffs. Church members don’t need to be preachy about their beliefs, but they should not compromise. I really hope she comes out stronger in the “Real World” episodes for this season.

    Steven Marsden

    Shelley, Idaho

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