Utah Valley abounds in beauty and wellness businesses


    By Michelle Clark

    Utah Valley hosts one of the largest choices of beauty and wellness businesses and academies.

    The Provo/Orem areas are believed to be a mecca for beauty products because of its large student population.

    According to Von Curtis Academy, the reason Hair Academies are so popular in Utah County is because of the quality of life.

    “Over 50 percent of our students relocate to Utah because of the quality of life, inexpensive housing, college social scene, and incredible outdoor activities available here,” Winn Claybaugh, Owner, Von Curtis Academy of Hair Design said.

    Being a local magnet for advanced hair academies, Provo hosts some of the best in the country.

    “With a lot of good schools here, it raises the standards of the beauty academies that open here,” Claybaugh said.

    Claybaugh believes beauty is important to Utah Valley because of the caliber of people who live here.

    “Utah attracts active people who like clean living,” Claybaugh said.

    Some people believe that wellness businesses, such as hair, nail and skin care, flourish because of the need to increase ones self-esteem.

    “When a person’s outside beauty shows through, they feel better inside,” Mindi Brinkerhoff, Owner, The Salon, said.

    Melissa Taylor, a junior form Lakewood, Colorado, majoring in accounting feels that people in Utah need to feel different.

    “Since there’s not a lot of diversity in Utah Valley, taking care of their bodies, and making themselves look nice, helps them to feel different, special,” she said.

    Skin care products flourish in Utah because of the damaging environment the valley has.

    “Utah has one of the most damaging environments. High altitude, the dry air and sun, tend to make people age sooner,” Ann Berg, Skin Care Specialist for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institution, said.

    Berg also believes that the spread of information has prompted more people to take care of their bodies.

    “The clientele is younger, trying to prevent skin damage, instead of the older clients, who are here to repair damage,” Berg said.

    Berg believes that although beauty is important to Utah Valley, people could spend more attention to themselves, especially with massage therapy.

    Although there are many massage academies, people in Utah tend to shy away.

    “They are uncomfortable with others touching them. They don’t realize the important of stress relief,” Berg said.

    Because of the abundance of beauty salons, specialists recommend interviewing companies before making any commitments.

    “Interview the salon. Consultations are very important. Make sure you see the professional’s portfolio. Just because they market themselves well, or are expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be the best,” Brinkerhoff said.

    With a great selection of wellness and beauty businesses, consumers can tailor their needs to the price and quality they desire.

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